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  • Water Docs 2016 March 22-26 at Daniel's Spectrum
  • Deaucumentaires 2016 March 22-26 at Daniel's Spectrum


Water Docs Festival

The 2016 festival is coming up soon: March 22-26, 2016. New location: This year we’ll be at Daniels Spectrum, 585 Dundas Street East.

Calendar with March 22-26 circled

Watch for the schedule, coming soon. Enjoy high-impact features and shorts, lively talks with filmmakers, conviviality, and committing to action to protect water.

And every evening, you’ll be able to see documentaries made by 8th grade Ontario students about their water protection projects in Water Docs @ School.

If you’re curious, here are the films we showed last March. Plan to celebrate next Canada Water Week with us on March 22nd!

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Opening Night 3/22

Announcing Fractured Land on March 22nd.

Caleb Behn, the subject of the film Fractured Land

What would it be like to live alongside a shaper of human events, in their youth, before they transformed history? This powerful film follows 4 years with Caleb Behn, a promising young Dene leader and lawyer-in-the-making. He's poised between his traditional BC reserve and the energy companies doing intensive fracking on those lands. Read more and watch the trailer.

After seeing the film, discuss it with Caleb Behn himself and one of the filmmakers, Fiona Rayher.


Water Docs @ School

15 GTHA classes in the last 2 years and double that this year -- teams of excited and passionate Grade 8 students. It's a hands-on, interdisciplinary learning program. Students:
1. Explore community water issues. 2. Address them in action projects. 3. Create a short documentary. 4. Compete for recognition.

Now they're getting ready for their Recognition Day at the Hot Docs cinema.

Click the image to hear how two teachers talk about their experience.
Teachers talk about their experience

Read more about the program.



Do you want to volunteer for Water Docs 2016? Help with the festival or help get ready. There will be no festival without the commitment and creativity of our volunteers!

Lead Patrons & Partners Thanks to David & Anne Patterson / Derek Day & Diane Donley / IBM / John & Thea Patterson / Learning for a Sustainable Future / Marjorie J. Sharpe / Robert & Sandra Rafos

And thanks to all the other people and organizations who make Water Docs what it is.


Consider getting involved in an Ecologos program or hosting a film with your group or neighbourhood. You can see our programs here.