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Indigenous Art Sale

The art sale is over, but you still have a unique opportunity to buy indigenous art. More details.

Canadian indigenous art sale this weekend at Edward Day Gallery List of featured artists

What's Hot !

Water Docs @ School is going strong: The second year is off to a roaring start! Our very successful pilot last year convinced us of its value. This year 18 classes are participating in the GTHA and another 3 in the North Bay area - for a total of 21 teams of excited and passionate Grade 8 students.

Water Docs Film Festival 2015 is on the way: The third annual festival is in the making, with 9 days of high-impact films, discussions with filmmakers, dynamic community education, and committing to action to protect water. For a taste of what's in store, see last year's 2014 schedule at waterdocs.ca. And watch for the announcement of the first films, coming soon.


Campaign for Action

Will you help make this happen?
No film festival or other programs are possible without our many volunteers. To work with our "Design Team", or to help with the film festival March 20-28, 2015, let us know. It's more fun than you can imagine!

Sign up for the Campaign for Action, a 12-month social media experiment. Every month, you'll get a water-related challenge (like visit a beach in July). Share your experiences via email or social media, and we’ll pick the best stories each month. Over the year, we’ll see what motivates people and what doesn’t, so that by next World Water Day we will have a real community of care for water!

Three steps to sign up for the campaign: 1) click, 2) receive a monthly challenge, 3) participate


Special Thanks !

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Lead Patrons & Partners
  • Community Environment Alliance
  • David & Anne Patterson
  • Derek Day & Diane Donley
  • John & Thea Patterson
  • Lake Ontario Waterkeeper
  • Learning for a Sustainable Future
  • Marjorie J. Sharpe
  • Robert & Sandra Rafos
  • Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation
  • Waterlution

And all the other people and organizations that help make Water Docs a reality...
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