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Is Toronto a Blue Community?
As Toronto citizens we urge the Mayor to declare our city a Blue Community for the 25th anniversary of the UN World Water Day, on next March 22nd.

Sign the petition.

Toronto city hall sign with H2O

Blue Communities do 3 things:

  1. Recognize water and sanitation as human rights.
  2. Ban or phase out the sale of bottled water in municipal facilities and at municipal events.
  3. Promote publicly financed, owned, and operated water and wastewater services.


Have a water film?

Water Docs 2017 is coming up March 22-26. To celebrate Ontario's and Canada's 150th anniversary, we have TWO COMPETITIONS for films about Ontario water, issues or waterways:
1) Emerging filmmakers
2) Filmmakers working in Ontario
Prizes $3,000. Dates below:

  • August 19 - Earlybird deadline
  • September 16 - Regular deadline
  • October 21 - Late deadline
  • December 31 - Notification date

    Here's the schedule of fascinating films and exhibits we showed this March.


    Special for Grade 8

    Grade 8 classes across Ontario will want to be part of Water Docs @ School Action Projects. Do you know a teacher who needs the details?

    Through a packaged inquiry-based curriculum suitable in several subjects, students learn about water, create a project in the community, and then create a film about it. Register for a webinar to learn more:

    • Tuesday, September 27 (3:30 pm)
    • Thursday, September 29 (3:30 pm)

    Click to hear two teachers talk about their experience with the program.
    Teachers talk about their experience

    Find out more about the program.

    Why water?

    Our mission: To evoke a spirit of reverence for water. To inform about threats that imperil water. To inspire citizen action to protect water. Water ripples deeply in each of us. To stir that rippling is to awaken action.

    Ecologos grew out of the dilemma about ensuring the live-ability of our planet – yet few of us do much about it. Why this disconnect between knowing and taking action? Many say the underlying issue is spirit – the capacity available to each of us to face and respond to reality.

    Every culture consistently links water with spirit.Our 2 main strategies: documentary films, our time’s storytelling with the proven capacity to move people deeply; and our experiential learning methods to help people re-live their own most powerful experiences of water.

    In many parts of Ontario, we offer 3 compelling programs.