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Campaign for Action

Sign up for the Campaign for Action, a 12-month social media experiment. Every month, we’ll send out a water-related challenge (like visit a beach in July). Share your experiences with us via email or social media, and we’ll pick the best stories each month. Over the year, we’ll see what motivates people and what doesn’t, what works and what doesn’t, so that by next World Water Day we will have a real community of care for water!

Three steps to sign up for the campaign: 1) click, 2) receive a monthly challenge, 3) participate

What's Hot !

Attention: Grade 8 teachers: Now is the time to register for 2014-15 Water Docs @ School Action Projects, 8 months of learning and action about water. Students learn to document their experience in film. At this year's Recognition Day during the festival, 2 classes won prizes for outstanding projects and documentaries.

Water Docs North: 500 people attended the gala Water Docs Northern Ontario Premiere of Watermark on June 6th at the Capitol Centre in North Bay, with a lively discussion with filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal. The film was also shown at the Champlain Theatre in Mattawa and in 7 schools in North Bay and Mattawa.

Festival: The third Water Docs Film Festival was held at the AGO in late March. Join us in 2014 for 9 days of high-impact films, discussions with filmmakers, dynamic community education, and committing to action to protect water. For a taste, see this year's schedule at waterdocs.ca.



Do you want to help make this happen?
We could not have done Water Docs 2014 without our many volunteers. Other events are coming up soon. To volunteer to make ongoing events happen with our "Design Team", or if you want to volunteer for next year's festival, let us know.

Ecologos is a network of 2000 volunteers, advisors, supporters and friends who drive an energetic program to inspire real action to protect water as the essential sustainer of life and spirit.

For 15 years we have learned by doing, measuring and evaluating - moving programs from concept to significant impact – Water Hour, Water Docs Film Festival, Stop the Mega Quarry, the Water Journey, and Water Docs @ School Action Projects.
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Why Water? Ask Kuan Tzu


Special Thanks !

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Lead Patrons & Partners
  • Community Environment Alliance
  • David & Anne Patterson
  • Derek Day & Diane Donley
  • John & Thea Patterson
  • Lake Ontario Waterkeeper
  • Learning for a Sustainable Future
  • Marjorie J. Sharpe
  • Robert & Sandra Rafos
  • Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation
  • Waterlution

And all the other people and organizations that help make Water Docs a reality...
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