Water Docs @ School Action Projects


Water Docs @ School Action Projects is an 8-month learning and action program for Ontario Grade 8 students, delivered through a partnership between Ecologos and Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF). The program (valued at $3,700) is lauded by teachers for instilling in students a deep caring for the environment, and for developing skills of leadership, team building, project management and filmmaking.

Water Docs @ School Action Projects takes a unique, hands-on approach to bring young people into a close relationship with water, building their understanding of water systems, and instilling in them a passion for water stewardship. Through Water Docs @ School, current and future generations of Canadians will be inspired to protect our most critical resource.

Do you know a Grade 8 teacher who might want to take part? For information, please contact bob.isenberger@ecologos.ca or 416-963-4435.
The goals of the program:

  • To teach the curriculum expectations through a unique Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) format, providing authentic opportunities for making positive change in the local community
  • To provide action experiences focused on water, which cultivate the attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary for students to take action on future environmental issues
  • To foster an appreciation for water
  • To inspire students to be agents of change and stewards of water in their local community, acting as ‘Waterkeepers for Life’

Key dates:

  • September to November: Program orientation; intense study of home watershed and Great Lakes
  • December to March: Hands-on action project ─ data collection and community outreach
  • December to April: Filming, editing and submission
  • May: Attend the Student Recognition Day; program evaluation

Awards for the top submissions: a high-end laptop for the classroom of the Best Film and the Best Project.
All participating teachers and their classes will receive these and more:

  • Free interdisciplinary curriculum-tied lesson plans and supporting resources
  • An opportunity to speak with TVO’s The Water Brothers
  • Class admission to Water Docs@ School Action Projects Recognition Day
  • Two adult passes to the Water Docs 2018 Film Festival in Toronto (valued at $100)
  • Recognition Certificates and plaques for participating students and schools
  • Film making and story-telling guidance, and a chance at the awards for Best Project and Best Film, as well as a copy of the films from all the participating classes

Participating students will:

  • Research water issues affecting their local communities
  • Develop action projects to address a local issue
  • Capture their project initiatives and success in a short documentary film
  • Compete for an opportunity to showcase their film and project at the Water Docs @ School Action Projects Recognition Day in Spring 2017

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Attend a FREE 60-minute Introductory Webinar on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, August 30 (10 am)
  • Thursday, September 1 (2 pm)
  • Tuesday, September 27 (3:30 pm)
  • Thursday, September 29 (3:30 pm)

Register for the free webinar: http://bit.ly/WaterDocsWebinars

Register for the free program: http://bit.ly/WaterDocs2016

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